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MedTech Valuation, Inc. is a consultancy specializing in predicting and valuing future revenue and cash flow streams for existing and novel pharmaceuticals, bio-technologies, medical devices and diagnostics.  Our clients engage us to assess licensing and acquisition opportunities, prioritize internal development project investments, and assist in strategic planning.  Our mission is simple:


To help you identify, understand and articulate the value of your projects and potential opportunities.


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Applied Quantitative Sciences, Inc. Spins Life Science Valuation Services Into New Company

Fort Lauderdale, FL - January 3 2018 - Applied Quantitative Sciences, Inc., a company that has provided quantitative business solutions since 1999, has announced that they are dividing the companys resources into two operating entities by establishing MedTech Valuation, Inc.

According to Michael Kubica...

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MedTech Valuation, Inc. Launches Opportunity Screen Forecast Models to Assist Customers in Opportunity Identification Process

Fort Lauderdale, FL - January 3 2018 - MedTech Valuation, Inc., launches a series of opportunity screen forecast models FREE OF CHARGE for registered customers at their website.  The first of these focuses on forecasting future revenue for a pre-commercial pharmaceutical, and became available today.

"Identifying qualified potential opportunities is one of the most challenging...