Applied Quantitative Sciences Spins Life Science Valuation Team Into New Company

Fort Lauderdale, FL - January 3, 2018 - Applied Quantitative Sciences, Inc. (, a company that has provided quantitative business solutions since 1999, has announced that they are dividing the company's resources into two operating entities by establishing MedTech Valuation, Inc. (

According to Michael Kubica, "Valuation of novel medical technologies has been a significant portion of our business since 1999. Our highly specialized life sciences team has helped pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostics companies value novel technologies for investment, licensing and acquisition projects.  We have worked with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 global leaders.  It only makes sense to lever the almost two decades of experience, resources and expertise into a laser focused group with a single purpose: helping our clients identify, understand and articulate the value of potential medical technology investment opportunities."

MedTech Valuation, Inc. will provide a full range of services to support clients opportunity assessment process, including opportunity screening, market analysis, market research, strategic forecasting, valuation analysis and valuation risk analysis.  They will leverage StratForecaster, an Applied Quantitative Sciences software solution for all of their forecasting and valuation analytic models.  Applied Quantitative Sciences, Inc. will retain all data analytics, predictive modeling and software solutions resources.

"I am excited about how we are evolving.  This next phase will provide crystal clear identity and focus for our associates and our customers for both entities," said Michael Kubica.


About MedTech Valuation, Inc.

MedTech Valuation, Inc. is an industry leader in helping life science companies and capital investment agencies identify, understand and articulate the value of novel and inline medical technologies


Michael Kubica

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