Our Expertise

Since 1999 we have valued inline and novel medical technologies for some of the world's largest and successful pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics companies.  We support our clients in all aspects of the valuation process.  MedTech Valuation is committed to providing services and resources that set the standard for delivering credible valuation results that lead to superior investment decisions.

Business development professionals are presented with many potential investment opportunities each year.  Early stage opportunity assessments rarely require a full-blown global forecast, P&L and valuation analysis.

MedTech Valuation has a library of early stage market sizing and forecasting resources that can help you standardize your early assessment process around simple, yet sophisticated methodologies.

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Secondary research through literature review, census data, patent filings, analysis of category trends, competitive analysis, etc. is a key factor in the process of identifying market dynamics that may enable or limit the uptake of medical technologies.

Our analysts use industry standard data sources to understand the status of current market dynamics and how they may be impacted by the commercialization of novel products.

The market analysis stage, while providing an excellent framework for understanding product potential, does not typically provide insight into the behavior of unique decision makers in the supply chain for medical technologies.  

We have developed proprietary methodologies for researching and predicting the future behavior of the target market in order to quantify potential category adoption and brand share.

Opportunity Screening
Market Analysis
Market Research
Strategic Forecasting

Forecasting is central to the valuation process.  The valuation analysis is only as valid and credible as the forecast of units sold and revenue upon which it is based.  

All of our forecast models are equipped to integrate our proforma Profit & Loss statements and for performing all of our quantitative risk analysis tools.

MedTech Valuation is globally recognized as a market leader in strategic forecasting.  Once your project get's beyond the initial screening we can help with a multi-region, multi-segment forecast.

Valuation Analysis

The same asset may have different valuations depending on the answer to "in whose portfolio?"  Pre-revenue start-ups are very different in expense structure, cost of capital and tax treatments than their revenue generating counterparts.

Selecting optimal licensing and acquisition partners and deal structures depends on understanding the multiple strategic directions available to you.

Our models and analyses allow us to quantify and compare the value of assets from these multiple perspectives.

Valuation Risk Analysis

Valuation analysis involves making predictions of future cash flows.  Any predictions about the future are subject to uncertainty. 


Scenario analyses allow us to quantify potential upside and downside outcomes given a range of potential product efficacy. 


Sensitivity analysis reveals how much the net present value of the asset is impacted by variation in the values of specific inputs. 


We use Monte Carlo simulation to provide the probability of achieving any net present value in the modeled range of outcomes.  

With decision trees we model the option to discontinue future investment in the event of milestone failures, providing a risk adjusted NPV.